This video will introduce you to adding images to posts and pages from the WordPress ‘Media Library’.

This ‘Adding Media Library Images’ tutorial covers:

  • Accessing the ‘Media Library’
  • Selecting an image
  • Adjusting the image settings

The ‘Media Library’ stores all of the images uploaded to your site in one place–making it easy to access images in the future. To add an image to a post or a page that is already in the ‘Media Library’ place the cursor where you want image to display and click the ‘Add Media’ button.

Use the 'Add Media' button to access the 'Media Library'.
Use the ‘Add Media’ button to access the ‘Media Library’.

The ‘Insert Media’ screen will appear giving you the option to ‘Upload Files’ or click the tab that says ‘Media Library’ and all of your previously loaded media files will appear. Simply select the image you would like to insert into the post and options for editing the image will show to the right of the Media Library.

Edit 'Attachment Details' of the selected image.
Edit ‘Attachment Details’ of the selected image.

Once you have the ‘Display Settings’ adjusted the way you like click the ‘Insert Into Post’ button. Your image will show in the post giving you an idea of what it will look like when published.

Give your users, clients or internal staff another way of spicing up the content on any WordPress site by adding images to posts and pages.

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