This video will introduce you to adding images to ‘List’ creation using this quality, unbranded, professional video tutorial.

This ‘Using Lists’ tutorial covers:

  • Ordered lists
  • Unordered lists
  • Previewing a post

Lists not only make content easier to read, it often makes your content more visually appealing. The ‘Ordered’ and ‘Unordered’ list icons simplify the list creation process.

To create an unordered, or bulleted, list simply click the ‘Unordered List’ icon in the formatting toolbar, begin typing the items in your list and when you are finished click the unordered list button again to complete the list.

Click the 'Unordered List' icon in the visual editor.
Click the ‘Unordered List’ icon in the visual editor.

To make an ordered, or numbered, list click the ‘Ordered List’ icon and type your list. When your list is complete click the ‘Ordered List’ icon again.

Click the 'Ordered List' icon to create a numbered list.
Click the ‘Ordered List’ icon to create a numbered list.

Click ‘Preview’ in the ‘Publish’ module to view your content, or click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ to make your content available immediately.

Give your users, clients and internal staff the ability to create content that is more visually appealing and easier to read by sharing this ‘Using Lists’ tutorial.

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